Symposium MATERIALS FOR NUCLEAR APPLICATIONS- International Materials Research Congress 2014

International Materials Research Congress

I would like to invite anyone interested to assist to the International Materials Research Congress (IMRC-2014), to be held in Cancun Mexico in August this year. This Congress includes the Symposium Materials for Nuclear Applications where we will discuss the state-of-the-art and future trends on nuclear materials. The topics include:

  • Engineering materials (metals, ceramic, glasses, polymers, elastomers and composites)
  • Materials Characterization (microstructure and properties)
  • Nuclear waste materials
  • Radiation effects in materials, including neutron, gamma, proton, etc.
  • Fission reactor materials: fuels, cladding, pressure vessels, core structures
  • Nuclear Environmental degradation
  • Simulation and modeling for the analysis of materials behavior
  • Performance of materials in high temperature and radiation field

As part of the organizing committee I hope we can welcome as many participants as we can from all over the world.

For further information please visit the website:

Hope to see you in Cancun.




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