The joy of receiving Summer Students

After several months of e-mails and letters, yesterday we finally received this year summer interns. Like last year I decided to select only three students that will work closely with two of my PhD students in the area of nuclear and off-shore wind energy. Two of these students come from the State of Colima (Tec Colima) with majors in Biochemistry and Environmental Engineering, and one of them from the state of Nayarit (Tec Tepic) with a major in Chemical Engineering.

Originally I did not know what to expect from receiving summer students, but just like last year their arrival immediately brought a new vibrant and active mood in my group. Receiving new and friendly faces, eager to learn and have hands-on experience always motivates me and my students to work even harder. Except from yesterday where everything stop due to Mexico´s game in the World Cup, they are already working in the lab learning new skills. I really hope they enjoy working with us and that their experience motivates them possibly even to pursue a scientific career.

Apart from working in the lab, these students have the responsibility to participate in outreach activities, including posting in our Facebook page. They have a big challenge ahead, to beat the daily 2,000 views that last year students reached….It is not going to be easy!.

Finally, I want to thank the Dolphin Program (Programa Delfín) for funding these three students. Without their continuous support this wouldn´t be possible.

Estudiantes de Verano 2014

From left to right: Omar Antuna (Tecnológico de Tepic), Mireille González (Tecnológico de Colima) e Illiane González (Tecnológico de Colima).

Estudiantes de Verano Programa Delfín Cinvestav-Saltillo



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