Going the extra mile

Buried below a pile of thesis to read, papers to write, read and review, lectures to prepare, proposals to write, etc. I still feel compelled to write about what I am doing, probably now even more than before, maybe because I just want to complain or because I want to relax a bit getting my mind out of all this work, maybe a bit of both.

Not happy with all the things I do, last year together with another colleague we submitted a proposal for a Symposium called “Materials for Nuclear Applications” within the International Materials Research Congress. Needless to say, it took quite a bit of my time to prepare all things for this Symposium, like spamming all my new and old colleagues, including some people that didn´t know me until then. I am still working on the MRS Proceedings of this Symposium but I think we are very close to finish all the work needed for this Symposium. Learning new things and skills, as well as meeting new people and catch up with old friends and colleagues was incredibly satisfying, particularly because all this was in Mexico. Like everything they were some things that did not come up as good as I was expecting, but I think overall it was a good meeting and people (I was told) enjoyed the meeting.

Of course, I haven´t even finished the Symposium when I already started to work on another project that I have been looking forward to since last year…..CINVESNIÑ@S-SALTILLO. A one day outreach activity planned for kids, in the research Centre where I work. With the support of 14 of my colleagues from 4 different areas and including one Museum (Museo del Desierto), we expect to receive approximately 160 kids. I know it doesn´t sound much but considering that this is the very first time that this particular research Centre in the north of Mexico makes an event like this and receive so many children all at once, this activity is a bit of a challenge not only for me but all people participating in this event.

Last night, while sitting half asleep in front of my computer with the silly idea that I would start working, I asked myself why do I get into all this “trouble”? If I look carefully, all these activities many times take away time from my family, the number one thing in my life. The question is, is it worth it? Is it worth it to go the extra mile to do things many people don´t do? My heart and part of brain say yes, the other part of my brain says “shut up” and get back to work or go back to bed.Cinvesniños Saltillo


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