#AyotzinapaSomosTodos (students killed by the State)

Originally I considered using this blog purely for academic purposes, however I cannot stay idle when I see how rotten is the government in Mexico. On the 26th of September 43 students from a rural area were killed not by a criminal gang but by the GOVERNMENT. It comes as a shock, but not as a surprise, that the Major of the city of Iguala (city in the state of Guerrero in the South of Mexico) ordered the police to illegally apprehend and deliver those students to a criminal gang for what appears to be their execution. As a citizen who makes an effort to make a better country for my family and soon, I cannot but feel scared, angry and impotent.

The state in Mexico has shown time and again that the level of corruption has surpassed them, that corrupted politicians are not the exception but the rule. Videos have appeared over and over again in recent months with majors and relatives of governors and other politicians talking with drug lords. What is the level of impunity and corruption in a country where the same people that was supposed to protect you is the one that orders your execution?. How rotten the government AT ALL LEVELS needs to be to oversight that those in power have not only links with the organize crime but that they are the actual criminals?. How rotten the political parties in Mexico are where not one has come out to speak for the people who rightly demand a change? How stupid needs to be your President when he goes out in public trying to ameliorate the problem? In moments like this you feel that impunity and corruption is the king in this country.

I believe that indifference is what has brought us to this point, indifference for the suffering of my neighbor, indifference for the suffering of someone that I do not know, indifference for speaking for those who cannot. Things have to change, for me, for my family, for those of us who try to do the right thing. We are not one, we are not two, we are not alone. Time to speak up, time to show our anger and despair for this situation, time to take actions. I hope that we as a country never forget how we feel right now, because they could have been me, they could have been my wife and son.

If not me, who?, if not now, when?


One response to “#AyotzinapaSomosTodos (students killed by the State)

  1. Not only the government is rotten but also criminal organizations have become rotten (maybe this points to the fact that they are one and the same), otherwise how can one explain that so many videos of these meetings are recorded and filtered?

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