Yesterday we received the great news that our porposal to organize a new Symposium entitled “Materials and the Environment” at the International Materials Reserch Congress was finally accepted. Alghouth we have not so much time to get everything done we hope this will be the first of a series of great Simposia. If you are interested please visit the webpage:

I hope you can join us this Summer at Cancun!!!

Symposium topics:

  • Materials extraction and global resources issues (i.e. extraction metallurgy)
  • Use of sustainable materials.
  • Environmental impacts of processing (processing of metals, polymers, ceramics, composites, etc.).
  • Development of environmentally friendly materials and processes.
  • Design for sustainability (recycling, waste minimization, energy efficiency and increased lifetime).
  • End of life challenges (recycling, biodegradability, composting, chemical recovery, and energy recovery).
  • Remediation (water, soil and air).
  • Water treatment, water reuse and recycling.
  • Photocatalysis
  • Electrocatalytic and electrochemical oxidation and reduction technologies.
  • Use of nanomaterials to solve environmental problems.
  • Effect of nanomaterials in the environment.
  • Applications of nanomaterials for pathogens inactivation.



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