SAMOFAR (A Paradigm Shift in Nuclear Reactor Safety with the Molten Salt Fast Reactor)

A couple of months ago we got the very good news that the proposal SAMOFAR, where Cinvestav-Saltillo participates and submitted under EURATOM-Horizon2020 Framework, got approved for funding.

I am very happy to lead the team at Cinvestav that will conduct research on coatings and structural materials for the Molten Salt Fast Reactor. This initiative, led by Jan-Leen Kloosterman at TU-Delf, will have the participation of 11 institutions, 10 European and 1 Mexican. For our case we will be working in close collaboration with CNRS and ROSATOM.

Needless to say we still have a large amount of “details” to solve before we start working, however this week our General Director signed the Declaration of Honour, which means that one way or another we are going to embark on this new challenge. I am in debt with our General Director, José Mustre de León, for taking my calls and answering my e-mails, particularly this week. Without his support we wouldn´t have had all the documentation signed on time.

I would like to thank Rudy Konings from EC-ITU for inviting us and Jan-Leen Kloosterman for accepting our participation. Let´s hope this is the start of a long lasting collaboration.



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