Summer Students 2015

Like the previous two other years, this year we have received three undergraduate summer students. Tania and Luis are visiting us from Sinaloa, whereas Omar comes from Chihuahua.

It is always nice to have young and vibrant students with curiosity and genuine interest to learn new things. Last year I had the unfortunate experience of being sick most of the summer students´s visit, however this year it seems I will be able to interact more with them. Although, I cannot directly with them, I am sure they are in very good hands with my PhD students.

Apart from working doing experiments and analysis with my students they have the task of reading and posting short news in our facebook webpage. It is not an easy task to read a document and extract the most important information in a simple and understandable manner, thus this exercise I hope helps them to practice this important skill.

I hope they find their stay enlightening so in the future they can pursue postgraduate studies. We certainly will enjoy working with them.


IMG-20150622-WA0004 SAM_4104 Grupo 2015

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