SAMOFAR kick-off meeting

On August 24th the European project SAMOFAR had its official kick-off meeting at TU-Delf, the Netherlands. I had the great pleasure of meeting old friends and colleagues and getting to know new partners in this fascinating project. Considering that the experience of my group was centred on High Temperature and Fast Reactors (solid core), participating on these meetings was very enlightening, as not only showed us the current state-of-the-art but also the future trends on reactor, fuel and materials science and technology for the molten salt fast reactor.

I believe our work on the development of environmental barrier coatings for the structural Ni-alloys was well received,  to the point that it has been mentioned as an important goal in articles referring to SAMOFAR activities. There are questions regarding the ideal crystal structure, its behaviour under neutron irradiation, durability and corrosion resistance, however we expect to have some of these answers during the duration of this project. The collaboration with JRC-ITU and CNRS will be vital to get useful data for future developments. Internally at Cinvestav, I have the honour to work with Dr. Francisco García Pastor and Dr. Juan Carlos Fuentes Aceituno, who will study the mechanical and corrosion behaviour of metallic and ceramic components.

In January we expect the arrival of a foreign student that will work in this subject together with other PhD and MSc students. As they say, the future is bright! So let’s get to work and have some fun! Anyone interested to join us?

Samofar kick-off meeting

Samofar kick-off meeting


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