Happy New Year!

A couple of days ago was the end of a fantastic year. Trips, projects with the industry, reunions with old friends and colleagues, the organization of a new symposium, outreach projects, new students and a couple of new grants, made last year a year to remember. Last year brought me so many new experiences, being part of the organization of a large consortium on Ocean Energy (CEMIE-Océano) was probably one of the highlights. I was honored when the main organizer, Dr. Rodolfo Silva Casarín, invited me to coordinate the section of Materials, Components and Systems. Since then I have tried my best to do a good job. The news that the project was accepted and awarded approximately US$18,000,000 made me and all the participants extremely happy. This project means a lot to me and I think my institution too because it will allow us to purchase a state of the art Transmission Electron Microscope, something that we were in huge need and which funding to buy it was hard to find.

Of course this hasn´t come cheap, I almost lost a second student, constant stress, long weeks and weekends and by the end of the year, endless reports to write and read, which meant valuable time away from my family. In a couple of days I will be father for the second time and I already have a long list of meetings and reports to submit all before January 15th.

This year will be different, for start I will have a second child, my group will change a lot. This year I am expecting to graduate two PhD and two MSc students, the first in what I hope will be a long list of students working under my direction. As a young scientist I still have a long way to go, many things to learn, relearn, try, loose and try. I am honored on counting with the collaboration of experienced colleagues from whom I keep learning on the way they work and even behave. I would like to openly thank Gregorio Vargas, Reyes Sierra and Rodolfo Silva, because probably without knowing it last year they made an important mark in my professional life. I also would like to thank three colleagues that made my days at work very enjoyable, Francisco García, Keny Ordaz and Juan Carlos Fuentes. Finally, I would like to say thanks to my students, if this group is successful is because of their hard work.


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