Goodbye Abuelita Nico

The first few months of this year have been full of up and downs. In January I became father for the second time and last week I had the misfortune of losing four relatives in one week. Today after all the rush of travelling to see my parents and sisters finally the events of last week really got me. I found myself feeling worried about the future while having my little son on my arms.  Talks about obituaries, where you would like to be buried and such among cousins made me feel not that young anymore.

I lost one person who without knowing it helped me be who I am, my grandmother. Against all odds and with only the second year of primary education, she managed to raise almost by her own 8 children. She believed that education was the key for a better future and she incite her kids to study, to aspire for more. My mother learned from this and she passed this idea to me, that education was the key for success. Within two generations we went from someone with no education to the first person (me) with a PhD degree. I am where I am because she decided that enough was enough, that her kids deserved a better life. The life that I had as a kid and my sons have is way too different from what my mother and grandmother had to withstand in their times. The last time I saw her I tried to tell her this but I just couldn´t master the right words to say it.

Good bye Abuelita Nico.

Abuelita Nico


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