Making history

Yesterday marked the beginning of what I hope will be a long list of graduated students from my group. Juniet, an MSc student from Nicaragua, successfully defended her viva and obtained her degree in Ceramic Engineering after working on a project funded by the industry. Her collaboration helped us to advance the progress on the development of a new product that we hope will be available into the market soon. She will no longer work in my group but I wish her the best in her PhD.

Although my family couldn´t be with me and I am in the last days of a sickness that left me on bed for a week, I feel very happy for her and for my group. Four years it took to graduate my first student, four years with lots of ups and downs. In the following months I hope to graduate three more students so this is just starting.

One response to “Making history

  1. Congratulations to J. and your group!

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