Mexican Centre for Innovation in Ocean Energy

It took almost two years to get this done but a few weeks ago, we finally officially started the Mexican Centre for Innovation in Ocean Energy (CEMIE-O). This projects aims at boosting the development of Mexican technology on Ocean Energy, covering the areas of wave, tidal/currents, thermal and salinity gradient, modelling and materials. With a total budget of 348 million pesos (aprox 17.5 million dollars) the Mexican government is aiming at uniting all efforts towards the development of this technology. Contrary to other sources of energy where technology is already mature, making it difficult to compete, Ocean energy is still under development which could allow Mexico to truly compete in this new area and become a provider of technology.

I have the honour to coordinate the work on the development of new materials, components and subsystems for CEMIE-O, where I coordinate 22 scientists of 7 different institutions. With the third largest funding within the consortium, the purpose of our subproject is to develop materials and components capable of surviving the harsh marine environment. We are developing coatings, ceramic composites, concrete and a new type of electric generator, having in mind a direct application of our work, especially considering that we have three companies eager to use our products.

After the kick-off meeting we understood that the materials section felt short at trying to solve the complexity and needs of all energy generation systems, however throughout these years we expect to provide the grounds for further developments.

The environment within the coordinating group I believe is fantastic, we are truly a multidisciplinary group where engineers, materials scientist, biologists and environmentalists working together, good times ahead.

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