Happy New Year 2019

With only a few hours left of 2018, I would like to thank all my students and colleagues for this astonishing year. True, our numbers are not as exciting as I see on the net on other groups but with only 2 papers published and 2 MSc students graduated, I know we have 12 papers already on the pipeline ranging from the production of graphene, to the use of graphene oxide to adsorb arsenic, the production of YSZ coatings, and diffusion studies on SiC, just to mention some. Furthermore, 3 PhD and 1 MSc students are expected to get graduated next year that combined with the announcement of another grant approved in the area of Mission Innovation, this year left me with high expectations for 2019.

Additionally, we finally finished our training on Lego Education so in January we are going to be getting our first experience using these kits on rural schools. This is something that I have been looking forward for quite a while. In the area of sci-comm, I was able to restart the event Cinvesniños-Saltillo.

As some students are about to leave, three new PhD students arrived working in the areas of graphene oxide membranes and HVOF. Needless to say, these students are opening new research areas still unexplored in our group, so every result they get is full of excitement as we learn something new at each step.

Finally, the highlight of this year for me without a doubt was the possibility to spend more time with my family and kids, as I continue to learn how to improve my work-life balance.


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