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We made the news in Nature, MRS Bulletin and Business Inside

Last year we had three articles on the news regarding the activities we do in our lab. One of the highlights without a doubt was an article in Nature (Young, talented and fed-up). To be blunt I wasn´t particularly happy with the word “fed-up” when I first saw the title, however after reading all the comments of other young scientist I understood the origin and the purpose of such article. Like many others, prior to my permanent position I had to live with the uncertainty of where to go and what to do after my temporary contract finishes, not a happy feeling considering that I had a family with me. Like it was mentioned in the article, we were not really whining but putting our life and struggle into context considering that our chances of success got slimmer from the time senior colleagues started their career. I feel honoured from being chosen to participate in the discussion and being featured in that article.

Another article about our work was focused on the out-reach activities we do with kids of low-income and rural schools. With the support of the MRS Foundation we have been working with a few schools and performing outreach activities as part of Cinvesniños-Saltillo. Our project finishes this year, the funding that is, but I am certain that we will keep working in these activities and those schools for a long period of time. I hope we will be able to see the effect of working with kids from an early stage and see them progress in their lives.

Finally, Business Inside Latinoamerica made an article of the work we currently do on arsenic removal using graphene oxide. We are on an early stage of our work but preliminary results show adsorption capacities already of 30 mg/g despite early reports in the literature of much lower adsorption capacity. We are showing that by controlling the production route and even functionalising its surface we can considerably increase the arsenic adsorption capacity of graphene oxide without the use of other nanoparticles as it is commonly used.


Outreach project Hagamos con-Ciencia (Let’s make Conscience/with Science)

A few moments ago I received the very good news that the MRS Foundation has approved our outreach project “Hagamos con-Ciencia (Let-s make Conscience/with Science). The MRS will support our outreach activities for kids in poor and rural areas in the south-east of the state of Coahuila, México.

In this project we will have the opportunity to travel and work with kids at primary school at their school, in addition to the activities that we were doing at the research centre CINVESTAV-Saltillo. These activities will enrich the professional development of the postgraduate students participating in this project as they will see first hand the importance of outreach activities, and the work they do at the lab. Needless to say I am very happy for us.

I would like to thank the other three Researchers that will lead this project with me: Dr. Francisco García Pastor, Dr. Keny Ordaz Hernández and Dr. Paula García Reynaldos. Francisco and Keny were part of the organisation of Cinvesniños-Saltillo last year.

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