Our group keeps growing!

Since this summer we had the arrival of new members in our group. Three PhD, two MSc and one undergrad student more are now working in our group.

Léster (PhD student from Nicaragua) is working on the development of environmental barrier coatings  produced by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition for the protection of structural materials in molten salt reactors. Ana (PhD student) will study the interaction between ZrO2 and FLiNaK salt also for molten salt fast reactors. Ana and Léster´s projects are part of the European Consortium SAMOFAR. Ceci (Ana Cecilia, PhD student)  and Omar (undergraduate student also from Nicaragua) are working on the development of graphene oxide adsorbents for the removal of arsenic in water.

As for the MSc students, Lili is working on the development of superhydrophobic coatings and their application as self-cleaning materials. Finally, Orlando is working on the production of ZrO2 coatings by sol-gel as corrosion protection of Ni alloys in molten salt reactors.

I am very happy and very fortunate to receive this students. I expect a lot from them and I am sure they expect a lot from me. Hopefully this week will have a gathering to celebrate again their arrival, I´m afraid I had postponed this meeting quite a few times already =S.

Meet the new members in the group!

New students. Picture top-right: Ana (left) and Ceci (right). Picture top right: Léster. Picture bottom left: Lili. Picture bottom middle: Orlando. Picture bottom right: Omar.

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