Graduation time

With a few days left to end the academic activities this year at Cinvestav, today, my third postgraduate student of the year graduated. The first one was Felix who obtained his PhD in Materials Science working on TRISO fuel particles. The second in line was Lilia, an MSc in Materials Science, who developed a bioinspired self-cleaning surface and found an interesting temperature induced transition from superhydrophobic to superhydrophilic that we hope to send for publication early next year. Finally, today, Orlando obtained his MSc in Sustainability of Natural Resources and Energy developing YSZ environmental barrier coatings for the molten salt fast reactor as part of the European project SAMOFAR.

None of these students will continue to work in my lab since the two MSc depart to do their PhD abroad. I am grateful to each one of them for their hard work and excellent results that has led to other students to continue their line of research. I am looking forward to receive three new PhD students in March next year but for now I have to say see you soon to those who leave.

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